Primate of Australia- Twenty 20 Vision

My very warm greetings to you who have gathered in Brisbane today to support the work of EightyTwenty Vision. I am so sorry I could not be with you in person to convey my gratitude to David Pocock and the EightyTwenty Team. David has not forgotten his Zimbabwean roots, and I’d have liked to tell him personally that we forgive him for playing for the Wallabies.

We truly live in a global world. I am addressing you, in Australia, from Cape Town – and what brings us together are the right of the people in a northern corner of Matebeleland, in Zimbabwe, to a better quality of life. This illustrates the fact that no matter how we look or where we come from we are members of one family, the human family, God’s family – and we were made to care for and love one another.

The work that EightyTwenty Vision is doing focuses on food security, education, human rights and health, particularly maternal health. It spans everything from supporting local farmers, providing safe and secure drinking water, providing school bursaries and rehabilitating classrooms, organising sports tournaments, training women on women’s rights… strengthening HIV and AIDS awareness, and cholera prevention efforts… Sjoe! It’s a long list.

EightyTwenty Vision operates from the important premise that providing people with skills and education is the only sustainable solution to empowering them to achieve their dreams.

In order to effectively do their work, organisations such as EightyTwenty Vision are reliant on the generosity of others, which is – of course – what has brought us together for lunch today.

I would like to add my voice to thanking you for attending the lunch and supporting this important project. And to thank David for not forgetting Africa, the land of his childhood.

Together, you are helping to restore dignity and hope to the battered people of the Zimbabwean nation.

God bless you!