Art of the Olympians at the University College of London

To the many Great Olympians, Peace Leaders and Peace Lovers present at this wonderful event today, A Moment’s Peace—including my dear daughter Mpho and my two sweet grandchildren, Nyaniso and Onalenna—I offer you greetings from your sisters and brothers in South Africa.

On such a very special day, just one day into the Olympics, I am so happy you have all come to this ceremony. I congratulate you for honouring the true spirit of the Olympics and also the immense service for peace and sports and oneness to which my dear friend Sri Chinmoy devoted his life.

I wish to say that this is a moral universe. There is no way in which injustice and oppression, lies and evil will have the last word. No, never! Right and goodness and freedom and compassion are going to prevail.

You know, during the ancient Olympics in Greece, all wars had to stop. Only the highest level of competition was allowed! A new record was and is a great achievement for the entire world. So let us take this lesson to heart and let us all become gold medallists of goodness.

My friends, this is the greatest tribute which each one of us can offer to Sri Chinmoy and to all the great Olympians and renowned peace-leaders who have gathered together today.

I am so happy that during this ceremony a beautiful new statue entitled World Peace Dreamer will be dedicated of Sri Chinmoy holding the Peace Torch from the worldwide Peace Run which he founded. This is a powerful and inspiring legacy from the London Olympic Games for all of London to treasure for generations to come. I have held this torch on several occasions, and I invite each one of you take the torch of peace and run and run and run. Together, we can and together we must run fast, very fast to bring peace and goodness to every corner of the globe!

God bless you!