Checkers women of the year

Ladies and gentlemen, honoured guests!

I am humbled to share a stage with exceptional South African women who have forged ahead in our society to better the future for us all!

I have always believed that women are “God’s greatest invention”. I have also said it is time for the men of the world to stop hogging positions of leadership and power, because women could not fail to do a better job.

The contribution of South African women to our liberation and our new society makes me very proud. Over many decades their hard work has often been spectacular, though sometimes taken for granted and un-acknowledged.

I want to thank the South African public who nominated me to receive the award. Your support has always encouraged and spurred me on. I dedicate this Award to all the outstanding women of our country!

Shoprite has offered me prize money, which I will put to good use by donating it to:

  • Philani Child Health & Nutrition Project – R10 000
  • Tygerberg Children’s Hospital Trust – R25 000
  • Jabulani Rural Health Foundation – R25 000
  • The Community Arts Therapy Programme – R10 000 and
  • The Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation – R30 000

Between them, these inspiring organisations will ensure that as many women and as many children as possible benefit from the 2012 SHOPRITE CHECKERS WOMEN OF THE YEAR awards.

Thank you for acknowledging the women of our beloved country!

God bless you!