Let fossil fuel divestment set you free

Keynote speaker Rev. Mpho Tutu
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People of conscience need to break their ties with corporations financing the injustice of climate change,” said Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu during the countdown to the launch of Fossil Free SA, which started in Cape Town last week.

His daughter, Rev. Mpho Tutu, was the keynote speaker at the launch. She spoke about how 25 years ago they launched the US divestment campaign against our country in New Hampshire and how this then spread to campuses across the US.

Only the impossible is worth doing

“This was one of the most crucial things to bring awareness to the apartheid government. Now we’re attempting to do the impossible again,” she said. “But it’s only the impossible that’s worth doing.”

“Climate change is hitting the poorest the most, whilst those responsible are the most cushioned,” she said. “Women across the world have to walk further for firewood and food for their families. The collective energy women spend doing this on one day is enough to build the Empire State Building 280 times a day. If this is not a waste of human resources, then what is? This is energy that could be used to teach children, to create a business, to recreate the planet we are wrecking.”

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Extract from: http://thegreentimes.co.za/

Compiled by Elma Pollard