Against the backdrop of a world desperate to reset its moral compass the legacy of Archbishop and Leah Tutu is thrown into stark relief. We realize that each human being has the right and responsibility to make choices guided by their internal moral compass. Each person can live a life dedicated to the principals, practices and behaviors that create a better global community for all people. Through the proliferation of media and communication technologies we have witnessed the consequences of a human race that lives out of synch with its environment: whether the environment is ecological, spiritual or communal/relational. We all recognize an urgent need for a different way of being in the world. Their relationship is iconic. The love and respect that has marked more than half-a-century of marriage is an example of the deep and abiding joy that is possible in human intimate relationships.

Healthy intimate partner relationships form the basis of happy families and safe, flourishing communities. Unfortunately the love and respect that characterizes the Tutu’s relationship is not the lived experience of many families.

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