Giving Children A Chance For Life

  The current situation of HIV and Tuberculosis Children are dying. Currently, 3.3 million children around the world are living with HIV/AIDS, of whom 90 % live in Sub Saharan Africa. South Africa has the largest HIV epidemic in this region, with an estimated 300.000 infected children. Many HIV patients are also infected with TB. As a result, South Africa is also suffering from one of the largest TB epidemics in the world. Adherence to treatment WE MUST GIVE OUR CHILDREN A CHANCE AT LIFE! An important challenge is to ensure that children infected with HIV receive proper treatment and can grow up normally, without being stigmatised. In South Africa treatment coverage is 54%. Medical knowledge and Religious Networks Our approach to this improvement is twofold: We employ medical knowledge and religious networks. A team of Dutch and South African scientists has developed a range of adherence support tools. The tools provide both education and reinforcement to the patient and caregiver. At the clinic the nursing staff educates caregivers on how and when to administer the medication. Caregivers are also told what to do if the child refuses the medicine or has an adverse reaction. The child is given a low budget medical device that motivates him to take his medication. Each time the child takes his medicine he is rewarded with a sticker. The sticker is affixed to a special chart. At the end of each month of therapy the completed chart reveals a picture. Each month the child receives a new chart. Through this project we aim to create better health outcomes for children and thus enhance the health profile of communities.