Marlene Le Roux

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Marlene Le Roux currently serves as the Director of Audience Development and Education at Artscape Theatre Centre in Cape Town. In this capacity she endeavors to close the gap which unfortunately still exists between those who have and the have not’s due to our Apartheid history.  Marlene has gone and still goes to great lengths to bring the people to the theatre, and when that proves difficult she takes the theatre in the form of a fully-fledged production to the rural areas and communities. Marlene is also a motivational speaker and speaks out for the rights of women, children and the disabled and tackles these issues passionately and vigorously. In addition, Marlene manages and coordinates the annual Artscape Women’s/Humanity Arts Festival with 2014 being the 8th successful year of hosting and coordinating the festival.  The festival is hosted at Artscape Theatre Centre during the month of August to honour and celebrate the numerous women who strive to achieve equality for women from all walks of life. Marlene conceptualized and edited a book about women with disabilities entitled “ Look at Me “ published by Genugtig (2008). The book is in essay and photographic form.

She also recently compiled a book on the icons of Mitchell’s Plain entitled “ Place in the Sun”. The idea behind this publication was to try and counter the negative stereotyping of people of colour in particular. This book really served as an inspiration to not only the people of Mitchell’s Plain giving hope to young people of the area but has sparked a much wider interest. The proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to the Mitchell’s Plain Trust Fund extending and making the result of this project even more far reaching.