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Founded in 2013, the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation
represents one of the world’s most iconic leaders, and his life-long partner.
The Foundation strives to ensure their uncompromised bravery
is celebrated, communicated and curated for posterity.

Guided by the values of its Founders, the Foundation uses the Tutu’s rich archival heritage to promote
learning, leadership and dialogue. This takes place through research and development, archival digitisation,
museum design and curation and programmes and events to promote these values.
The core of the Foundation’s work is The Courage to Heal, which is supported by three strategic pillars:


Creation of a Tutu Knowledge Legacy Programme including a state-of-the-art Tutu museum and accessible, digitised archives


Showcasing and training moral and ethical leadership that embodies the values of the Founders


Providing a platform for courageous conversations, promoting dialogue that is topical and necessary



In communities, cities and nations across the world, people continue to disregard each other’s humanity and dignity. Prejudice is persistently expressed in regard to class, race, gender, ideology, nationality, religion and culture. Where prejudice and exclusion take root, conflict and inequity inevitably follow.

There is inevitably a groundswell of authoritarian governance led by ‘strong men’ for whom fairness, justice and morality are perceived as signs of weakness. This is anti-democratic and dangerous for both humanity and the natural world.


Archbishop Tutu teaches that righteousness is more powerful than power. He refines the art of listening, hearing, learning, contemplating. He excels in speaking truth to power

  • Showcasing difficult dialogues that reflect Archbishop Tutu’s values
  • Creating conversation platforms to amplify moral and ethical voices
  • Advocating for peace and social justice
  • Hosting the Annual Desmond Tutu International Peace Lecture



Poverty, inequality and climate-change are persistent, growing challenges for everyone. They require strong, ethical leadership by people who will hold political and corporate power to account.

Now, more than ever, as threats and dangers globalise, we need leaders who have the courage and humility to work for the greater good of humanity and for sustainable, peaceful life on earth.


To promote the theme of healing, the Foundation nurtures, supports and trains aspiring leaders towards values-based, inclusive and humane decisions and actions.

  • Facilitating research and scholarship on leadership for social change rooted in the principles of Archbishop Tutu
  • Developing & implementing leadership  programmes, focused on the Archbishop’s values, usually in partnership with other  institutions
  • Supporting inspiring young leaders towards  social change



The Legacy Foundation’s archive of historical documents, artefacts and audio-visual material is a treasure-trove for scholars, historians, theologians, social activists and anyone touched by the Archbishop’s compassion, grace and courage. The archive contains the Archbishop’s unique ‘recipes’ for applying simple truth to complex issues.

Although some of the archive is dispersed — held by certain universities and institutions — the bulk is held by the Foundation. The Foundation archive informs exhibitions, frames the quest for values-based leadership and provides the context for difficult dialogues.


The Knowledge Legacy Programme is responsible for ordering and protecting the material in the archive as a living resource in the search for deeper answers. Our guiding question is: How would the Archbishop approach this?

  • Developing an accessible archive, both  physical and electronic
  • Preserving artefacts and original documents
  • Exhibiting temporary exhibitions at The Old  Granary and online
  • Assembling a global reference group to  guide Legacy Centre’s themes and  principles.
  • Promotion of healing and peace through  travelling and/or electronic exhibitions


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