1954 – 1957

The Future Takes Shape

With a teaching degree in hand and the Bantu Education Act as a backdrop to the political and social climate of every Black South African, Tutu took a stand in protest due to promoted inequality and pursued more active means to support the cause.

Tutu completed his teaching diploma and taught at his old school, Madipane High in Krugersdorp in 1954. The same year that the Bantu Education Act was in effect that aimed at reducing black children to subservient work such as manual labour and menial jobs seen as suitable by the government. The intention being to indoctrinate the idea that black people were inferior to white South Africans. 

Tutu obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Africa (UNISA). It was here that Robert Managliso Sobukwe, first president of the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) aided him with his studies. 

As wedding negotions bore fruitful results, on the 2nd of July 1955, Archbishop Tutu married Nomalizo Leah Shenxane, his future bride and brightest pupil under his father’s teachings. After their marriage, Tutu began teaching at Munsieville High School, where his father was still the headmaster. He is remembered as an inspiring teacher. Three years later, Desmond Tutu quit in protest due to promoted inequality, refusing to be part of a corrupted educational system