1966 – 1974

Opportunity Awaits

From lecturer to Anglican Chaplain to Dean, Tutu made every effort to use his platform to challenge and champion the struggles of the victims of Apartheid.

Upon returning to South Africa, Tutu taught at the Federal Theological Seminary at Alice in the Eastern Cape. Holding the positon of lecturer at the Seminary, Tutu was also appointed as the Anglican Chaplain to the University of Fort Hare. It was during his time at Alice that Tutu began making his views against apartheid known.

Due to become the Vice-Principal of the Seminary, Tutu’s mixed feelings towards the promotion saw him accepting an invitation to become a lecturer at the University of Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland, based at Roma in Lesotho.

Reverend Tutu then relocated with his family to London. Here, Tutu was appointed the Associate Director of Africa of the Theological Education Fund in London which was started in 1960 which sought to improve theological education in the developing world by the World Council of Churches.

Leslie Stradling, Bishop of Johannesburg was due to retire and in search of a successor. Though Timothy Bavin, a consistent supporter of Reverend Tutu, filled the role, Bishop Stradling invited Reverend Tutu to become his Dean.