2013 – 2020

A Resounding Amen

Steadfast in his beliefs and the Arch did not shy away from advocating for equality and reconciliation in the name of the Rainbow Nation.

In May 2013, the Arch declared that he would no longer vote for the ANC, stating that while the party was “very good at leading us in the struggle to be free from oppression”, it had done a poor job in countering inequality, violence, and corruption in South Africa. After Mandela died in December 2013, Tutu had publicly criticised the memorials held for Mandela, stating that they had given too much prominence to the ANC and that Afrikaners had been marginalised from them, believing that Mandela himself would have been appalled by this. The Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation was established in 2013 and based in Cape Town. However, notwithstanding his frail health, the “Arch” continued to be highly revered for his knowledge, views and experience, especially in reconciliation.

In 2015, to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary, the “Arch” and Leah renewed their vows. He continues to criticise the South African government over corruption scandals and what he says is the loss of their moral compass. The “Arch” never stopped publicly speaking out against what he considers immoral behaviour, whether in China, Europe, or the United States. It was the “Arch” who coined the popular phrase, the ‘Rainbow Nation’ to describe the beauty in difference to be found among all the different people in South Africa. Even though the term’s popularity has waned over the years, the ideal of a united harmonious South African nation is still one that is yearned for.