Healing Masculinities for Peace

At the heart of the work of the DLTLF is our mission to galvanise the courage to heal society. We believe that this healing requires processes of reconciliation (in which we become more human to each other); reparation (in which we repair the damage that has been done); and reimagination (in which we create a new powerful and collective vision of hope). This approach is very relevant to the issue of violence in our society.

During August each year, there is significant emphasis placed on women’s experiences of violence; but there is very little space for deep engagement with the question that lies behind the violence that both men and women experience in South Africa: why are South African men so violent? What really drives this culture of violence among men? How have our conceptions of masculinity shaped violent outcomes?

These questions require us not only to interrogate what has been, but to reimagine a new form of masculinity, and a new mode of engagement in South Africa. Our vision is for a healing masculinity – in which men are known and experienced as powerful peace-makers, rather than as the perpetrators of violence.

In order to confront these questions deeply, we must create spaces where we can tell the truth of our experiences; where we can name the wounds created; where we can find each other; renew and reshape our relationships; in order to, ultimately, have a chance at building real freedom from violence for all people.

Our CEO, Janet Jobson, spoke to Koketso Sachane on SAFM’s The Meeting Point to discuss how to bring together a wide range of views and perspectives to ensure that the voices in the room are diverse, and that we are able to draw on a wide-range of experiences and expertise to deepen the insight that can be drawn out of the Courageous Conversation.

And more importantly, how to work through the process of reconciling, repairing, and reimagining a new way forward towards healing masculinities.

Listen to the conversation here: