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Boemo, Age 21, Soweto, South Africa

Covid-19 has affected the communication of friends and family so much because in my family, we believe in affection and I guess my biggest hurt was when I couldn’t pick up my niece or kiss her because I knew I might not have it, but I could be a carrier of this deadly virus.

In all honesty, the world is going to have a tough time dealing with what is going to happen after the pandemic, especially for our loving South African nation where a greeting goes beyond words with rubbing thumbs, fist bumps, hugs after a good cricket match or the pride in our rugby and our Miss SA’s.

The words lights, courage, action feel like a call for a greater purpose of using our platforms, and the little confidence we have, to join hands during these trying times and afterwards, to make a change for a better future.

I think for me the biggest lesson during these trying times was learning to appreciate myself because it led me to so many self-introspections and realizing that we have a much bigger responsibility to protect those around us by keeping a safe distance from them and it just made me realize that people with a compromised immune system need so much protection from us and that good hygiene practice might be all the little steps towards a more meaningful and healthy life.

I don’t believe in anyone special. I believe we’re all specials, as we’re all masterpieces of the hands and hearts we’ve come across in our lives. I know our generation is willing to be the change we want to see by a simple share of starting a business or by employing someone when you have the means.

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