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Charmaine, Age 15, Johannesburg, South Africa

I have missed most lessons, and this has affected me academically. I’ve missed not being able to go out to have fun with friends and family. School is what I miss the most. The quality of the education that I am learning from home is different from learning from school. Before the Covid-19 started, we all had our lessons at school. When it came, we started having online classes. Having to see other kids struggling with data and network problems, it has affected us in having to stop having lessons then come back and have other lessons during the week, it has been kind of an obstacle because we pause our lesson, the we come back then we continue, then we stop, it’s a merry-go-round situation.

Honestly, Covid-19 has made me see different things in life, a different perspective, and just having to appreciate the things we have around us. But having to lose the people around us, and not knowing what holds life for us in the future makes me scared and sad. I am now inspired to think of studying science to find the cure for any disease that comes in the future, since I will now be choosing my subject at the end of this year.

For light, it tells me that there is still hope in the future; for courage, it tells me never to give up during this difficult situation we are facing as a country and the whole world; for action, not that we just give up but that we should take action in life, do things in life that I’ve always wanted but also new things I’ve learned to do during the lockdown.

When I look at the future, I feel like better things are yet to come for us. I think so because we get to learn more things, and do things that we haven’t done and also spend more time with our loved ones and appreciate the things that we have in life. My advice to kids around the world is they shouldn’t give up and they should remain strong.

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