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Edgar, Age 21, Malawi

I recall vividly when we were told that schools were closing until further notice, I panicked. Studying medicine, and only being in my first year, I could not believe the years of study were being extended. My family lives in the village, 925.2 KM away from where my university is, a 12 hour drive, and much longer by bus. Sadly at the time my father, a retired secondary school teacher had no transport money at the time for me to reach home. So, I stayed behind in a hostel apartment owned by the school. Being alone and isolated most of the time helped me re-imagine our new way of life, how different things will be in the post-Corona world. I was terrified.

Weeks passed after the school closure when my close friend and mentor, Mr. Felix Kaminyoghe, decided to buy a mask making machine to join the fight against the Corona Virus. I enrolled immediately, and we started making masks in the hundreds and sometimes thousands a day. We have been doing it for over 3 months to date. Mr. Felix Kaminyoghe has waged the fight locally and nationally and I am honoured to be part of this honourable commission. Things have been difficult, but we continue to fight and encourage our community to #MaskUp!

I’ve learnt many lessons during this period, too many maybe to afford to put down here. But one of the lessons that stands out, is that as a young person, it is good to bear the yoke now, as a youth. It is in us where the strength is. There’s always a fight coming, one after the other, let’s get ready for it.

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