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Karen Davina, Age 14, Kampala, Uganda

As a citizen of Uganda, our country was not severely affected by this disease despite the fact that we have had lockdown for about four months now and still counting.

I think that the world will change a great deal in following regulations like cleanliness, limited public gatherings and use of masks and others, until a cure is found. Many countries greatly affected by this pandemic are still moving on and are adapting to these new changes.

As a high school student, things like online classes were not available for me but text messages sent on Whatsapp groups have been used by my teachers to keep us busy and active during this time. I think this has seemed to weigh heavily on our President’s mind as he decided to end the school year. I am still waiting for an announcement come September. But I think school may be the area of where many things will change such as the distance between our desks and the wearing of masks during lessons.

As we wait, I am revising my school work but finding time to read novels. I have read close to 50 books to widen my knowledge. I continue to bond with my parents and brothers. As the only girl in the family, at times I am pampered but I have greatly improved in my cooking skills.

All in all, I have no doubts that we may lose a few more people as a world but will have to learn to live with this disease and pray that our scientists may find a cure. Regardless of what we expect, we have to trust in our president’s decisions to make this country a better place.

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