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Kupakwashe Mhere, Age 17, Harare, Zimbabwe

To be honest, putting on paper the things I have learnt from the pandemic-motivated lockdown can really be a mammoth task, because there are so many things. As the days pass by, the lessons proportionally increase too, but I will try my best!

First thing I learnt is never to view life from a short lens. That might blind you into making bad decisions, which might result in backlashes as time goes on. When the government announced that schools were closing, we thought we were going on holiday. But we started lessons, and when the lockdown was kind of normalised, we were virtually at school.

When asked about this, our school Co-Founder at STAR Leadership Academy, who I will give credit for this lesson, Ms. Tanya Masiyiwa stated that, “When we heard about this pandemic, we looked for solutions looking at the pandemic as something to stay with us for a long time. So even if it does, our students are not affected.” You see, long term planning and looking at what Is likely to happen in the future is helpful and saves you from various problems.

Secondly, what this pandemic has taught me is that in as much as we may have marginalisation among us, be it abuse of women, discrimination of races, religion or anything whatsoever, under the attack of disease, we are one, and there is no one superior than the other. Therefore, to win, we have to be one. You will marginalise a race, yet you will need its help to combat a crisis like this one. You will marginalize women, yet you will need their help in terms of ideas on combating it, as seen in the countries with women as major leaders handling the situation well.

But #TogetherAsOneWeConquer

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