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Lecasta, Age 18, Parow, South Africa

If the pandemic is an obstacle, we must just fight harder…

I live with my mom and my brothers and we have been struggling to make ends meet. My mom isn’t working and that part of lockdown has been tough. Only God knows how we have been surviving.

By staying with my family during this time we got to bond and figure out things about each other we never knew, and that’s been lovely. I am worried about passing matric and being ready for the outside world after school. My goals for the year have changed drastically and I haven’t been able to achieve even one of them. I don’t have people around me who make me feel more prepared, if anything, I feel like there is more pressure on me – pressure about what to study after school and if we can afford it. I guess my ambition to grow and become better keeps me going. We all just need to stay calm and try not to panic. It’s OK to be indecisive at times, we must just work towards what we want. If the pandemic is an obstacle, we must just fight harder.

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