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Mapalo, Age 17, Lesotho

At first I felt like I was watching a movie about an apocalypse befalling the universe. There were/are warriors, those courageous enough to be at the forefront to face this battle head on. We appreciate them all and it’s essential we try hard to help ease their burdens. Hey, I’m not calling anyone a burden but this has not been an easy process for anyone, so imagine those warriors.

After the first 21-day lockdown, I started to believe that this was more of a reality than it was a movie. I saw people break down. I think I almost did. I mean deaths and infections were and are still being reported. Sheesh it’s scary! But then I saw something beautiful, some light in this darkness. I saw a whole lot (my teachers specifically reaching out) determined to be their brother’s keeper; making trends like #togetherapart. It gave me hope that despite this dilemma we have been flung into, at least we are together.

So even if we are still at the climax of this thriller, I believe we will reach the resolution soon because we are together. There has never been a time in my life have I seen the manifestation of “United we stand, divided we fall” than at this period. Encouraging each other to wear masks and stay safe, I believe we will pull through!

The words lights, courage and action to me mean not being afraid to actively give people hope in a world where hope is the light. It may seem small to check up on friends or to tell your family you love them but I think the world is changing in that way; we are all treasuring the small things. Not taking anything for granted is mainly what I learnt, apart from progressing in my coding lessons.
The future may not seem too clear but I know that we are all holding on tighter to each other and that counts as something. A future together.

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