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Nhanhla, Age 8, Johannesburg, South Africa 

At church they say God is light. I believe that I must be positive, shine bright, and be a light and be positive about life after Covid-19. Courage means we must always look, that we are all in this together. I mean that all of us in Covid-19, we should always work together. Action means we must love one another and take care of each other.

At school, they said we must practice social distance, wash our hands and wear a mask. What made me most sad is that I cannot see my friends anymore, and I can’t do fun activities with my friends, like playing nice games and doing sport at school, things like that. While I have been at home a long time, I have been learning new things and games like checkers, and creating stories.

I write good stories, like the good girl at school. Stories made me much better. And I even couldn’t think about COVID when I was writing my stories.

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