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Theo, Age 23, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

At first I struggled with the lockdown setup as I’ve been outdoors most of my life. I’m a sports player and if anything, sports has been drastically affected. I’ve resorted most of my energy to reading and sharing fact-checked information with my community so as to create awareness about Covid-19.

I’ve also been spending most of my time with my family this creating more bonding within. I’ve had the privilege to get side online jobs and other physical interaction jobs that keep me going. I have a strong desire to achieve my dream of becoming a Civil Engineering Tech. I’m hoping to finish my final year this year and sort of relieve the pressure that comes with finishing my course.

Lights, courage, action: These three words are very important in one’s life. I believe they all relate to one thing and that’s Vision. One has to have a vision for life and work toward implementation of that vision. This entails that one foresees his/her life as the light of the world and add value to the world through doing work related to the vision and purpose of life.

Courage means being bold. This covers a larger part of one’s life as well. It relates to the step taken by one to tackle obstacles that come with nature.

Action complements lights and courage. Without an action plan all three words cease to be influential and applicable in real life. Action is the final step towards implementation of a vision or a goal in life.

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