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Zwivhu, Age 10, Johannesburg, South Africa

I think that if kids were in power there would be no wars. When I hear the words Lights, Courage, Action. I think of light meaning great minds. Children have good ideas that they can share with everyone. With courage, kids never give up and they are not afraid of challenges.  Action? Being ready to jump in to help others. All this makes kids great leaders.

In the future, I see a world where everyone is nearly immune to the coronavirus because our immune systems will get stronger because of vitamins and maybe scientists would have made a vaccine or cure.

What my life is right now: I can’t go to the movies. I can’t visit friends and family, I am always indoors. I can only go to school two days a week, I can’t play with my friends, I have to sit 1.5 metres away from them, I have to wear a mask and I’m sanitizing hands all the time.  When everyone is staying at home, it’s been boring because you can’t go out and play, exercise and work. We are always in the house and online learning was not fun. I most miss the restaurants. I learnt that gamers make more money playing games on scheduled dates and I like playing games.

What makes me scared and sad is family members being infected. Too many people are dying because of Covid-19 and too many people are losing jobs and don’t have enough money for essentials. What changed (with Coronavirus) this year is I can’t start a gaming YouTube channel with my aunt, and my plans of going to Grade 6 next year.

I was looking forward to the Grade 6 campout, but because of the Coronavirus I might not go.  My goals have not changed because my goal was going coding school, because I want to learn how to make games. I am still looking forward to that.

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