The courage to confront – the second in the Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation’s inspiring TutuTalks series

Real social change comes from having the courage to take part in conversations that confront challenges head on, says conversation strategist Nozipho Tshabalala.

Find out how personal trauma led Nozipho to make a career out of moderating courageous conversations when you watch the second in the Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation’s 2021 TutuTalks series. Nozipho’s talk will be released online on 22 June.

Nozipho is an internationally acclaimed conversation strategist who is in demand for her rare and insightful ability to facilitate difficult conversations with courage, depth and breadth. She has worked with the World Bank and the Global Citizen international advocacy group, a movement that aims to catalyse action to end extreme poverty across the world by 2030. Nozipho is a recipient of the African Leadership Institute’s Archbishop Tutu Fellowship and, in 2019, the African Youth Awards recognised her as one of the year’s Most Influential Young Africans.

“I have drawn, and continue to draw, inspiration and guidance from the teachings of the Archbishop, and I carry these as tools of my trade as I moderate confrontational conversations,” she says.

The Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation is using the TutuTalks series to look differently at unresolved issues within civil society and uncover what moral and ethical leadership entails. The intention is not only to spread ideas, but also to empower young African leaders.

“Nozipho is inspirational in her ability to lean into conversations that others shy away from, and in her ability to help others do the same.

“Without dialogue that confronts the injustices we still face today, worldwide, we cannot bring about real, transformational change. No change ever comes from comfort. We need to have uncomfortable conversations. This is exactly why our Foundation has put together this challenging TutuTalks series,” says Foundation CEO Piyushi Kotecha.

Nozipho’s talk is presented in partnership with the African Leadership Institute.

The Foundation launched the TutuTalks series earlier this year, in the belief that giving dynamic and inspirational young African leaders an international platform will play a critical role in inspiring other young Africans to become confident, ethical leaders in their schools, communities and societies.

The Foundation recognises the importance of representation in leadership positions and the need to retain a community focus as one grows in a leadership position. The TutuTalks series offers a rich, participative curation of experiences, insights and wisdom, and an exploration of compelling narratives for emulation, through dynamic storytelling and lived experiences.

The talk can be viewed on the Foundation’s website (watch here) from 22 June 2021.