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“Let women take over…  One of the reasons why the war stopped in Liberia was because the women of all faiths decided that they were going to pray the devil back to hell. And, basically, they told their men-folk, ‘enough is enough’.

“I think that biologically women are life-givers. And I think that when women are truly feminine, when they don’t try to ape men, that they would say, ‘I cannot carry a baby in my womb for nine months and then agree for that child to become cannon fodder’. You are biologically life-giving, life-affirming – that is what you are naturally. That is what you are when you are unspoiled.

“It’s no mistake at all to have said, ‘The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world’. I think Hitler turned out as he turned out because Hitler was not dangled by his mother. Hitler dd not get the sense of security that made him feel good about himself. And because he felt empty inside he tried, as bullies tend to do, tried to get the affirmation by being a nasty.

“And, in a way, it is an appeal to women, to mothers: Come into your own. We men are socialised into being macho, aggressive, even if we actually are feeling insecure. And perhaps as I’ve sometimes said half-jokingly, that of all God’s creatures, men are the most insecure – and we are very good actors…

“We have a saying in one of our languages that says, ‘a mother can share even the eye of a fly’. That women, because of this capacity to be caring, to be compassionate, to be life affirming, can actually make societies survive that are on edge. I am quite willing to be a champion for that movement.” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu in discussion with the Dalai Lama, 2011

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