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The Leading for Humanity programme nurtures, supports, and trains aspiring leaders towards values-based, inclusive, and humane decisions and actions towards social healing and change.


Leadership Programme

The immersive leadership programme brings together a diverse group of young people across sectors committed to demonstrating leadership in the footsteps of Desmond and Leah Tutu.

The residential programme with online engagements is an immersive journey of recurring themes based around courageous conversations, peer-to-peer exchange, storytelling, personal reflection, and access to an eco-system of thought leaders. It is rooted in universal humanity while encouraging mindfulness. The basic premise of the programme is that to be a leader able to work for the good of all of humanity, you must engage in the work of self-repair for societal repair.

29 April 2023

Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation Welcomes Its First 2023 Cohort

5 March 2024

2024 Leading for Humanity Cohort: A Catalyst for Global Change


Courageous Leadership Course

The Tutu Courageous Leadership Course focuses on courageous leadership as ordinary individuals nurturing the qualities needed to take brave action to heal themselves and society, and inspiring others to do the same. Each lesson highlights a range of methods of engagement that can nurture healing, renew social connection, resolve conflict, facilitate positive action, and hold power to account peacefully.

The primary target audience in South Africa is aged 15-35 years, but the content has been framed for a broader international audience.



The TUTUtalks provides a storytelling platform for young leaders across the African continent who embody the values and ethics of Archbishop Tutu. Leaders share their compelling stories and discuss what ethical leadership in the African context looks like and how they are putting that into practice. Showcasing their journey, providing an African perspective and passing it on to younger leaders is vital in tackling the discourse and narrative of what makes the leadership opportunity within Africa a realistic and representative one.